Season Golf Academy

Season Golf Academy (SGA) is a coaching program focusing exclusively on competitive players. We offer training for tournament junior, elite amateur and professional players who aim at succeeding on European and US professional tours. Our programs are available for players from any country and any golf club.

SGA was founded in 2015 as a Finnish amateur coaching program. In six years, we have developed into an international program with 32 players from Finland and Estonia in our training groups.

We offer a complete, professionally structured training package.

  • training from tournament junior to international professional
  • a player focused team consisting of coaches, physical and mental trainers and business management
  • practice volumes comparable to leading countries
  • the most advanced technical equipment to support training

Number of players on different tours during SGA’s years of operation 2015-2020:

  • European Tour: 2
  • Ladies’ European Tour: 1
  • Nordic League: 4
  • US college tours: 6
  • Finnish Tour: 19
  • Finnish Junior Tour: 7

In 2018, SGA was awarded for its performance in raising the standard of competitive golf in Finland by the Finnish Golf Union and head coach David Da Silva was nominated as Coach of the Year by the PGA of Finland.