Elite amateur Tyko Tuohimaa at the start of the new season

I have just returned home from a productive three-week stretch in Spain. I got in some much needed outdoor practice hours, practice rounds and 7 tournament rounds.

In terms of tournament results, I did not perform quite as I had hoped. Considering, however, that I last competed in September, and played a round of golf in early November, I can be satisfied with my performance.

Ecco Tour Spanish Masters: 73-78 MC
PGA Catalunya Resort Championship: 79-73 MC
Campeonato de Castellon: 70-72-75 – 5th

Throughout my 2.5 years in the SGA and technical swing changes, I have struggled with bringing the work we have done indoors, out on the golf course. This time around I have managed to become technically better outdoors immediately after a long period of indoor work. This shows that we have worked on the right things in large quantities with high quality. Now we need to keep on working on the same things, as we always do with our coach David da Silva.

During this trip, competing against players of whom many are able to play golf all year round, I realize the importance of tournament routine. You can hit thousands of balls on the range and have a great swing, but if you don’t know how to play the game and perform in tournaments, competing at the highest levels of golf will be difficult. However, if you can have a great swing and be a solid ball striker, you will have a great advantage in the long run. That is what we are striving for.

I would like to thank David, who tirelessly worked with us every day for three weeks. I would also like to warmly thank Mark Thistleton from the Taylormade Tour department, who has recently supported me with the best clubs and soft goods in the market!

Tyko Tuohimaa