Additional coaching for full-time elite amateur players – aim to reach European Tour level within two years

With reduced tournament play projected from May to September 2020, Season Golf Academy will implement an extra coaching program, The AmPro Group, for its full-time elite amateur players. The additional coaching and training are aimed at accelerating the development of these players on all areas needed for success first at 3rd level and Challenge Tour standards, and within 2 years on the European Tour level.

The AmPro Group prepares SGA players moving from amateur to professional golf – a step that we believe should be taken only after the conditions for success on the professional level exist.

Players in this group will have 20% more coaching per week – an additional full day of coaching – including tournaments, followed by an evaluation after 4 months to determine what their autumn/winter training and international competition schedule will be.

The first players in the group are Casper Simberg, Tyko Tuohimaa, Rasmus Karlsson, Ilari Saulo, Krister Kämaräinen and Sean Avellan who are now entering the next process stage of their journey towards professional careers. This requires additional coaching, tournament preparation, mini tour and 3rd level pro-tour experience and career support, which SGA is committed to provide them.